I am not a doctor, health care practitioner, or a health care professional of any kind and the content of this site is not meant to diagnosis anything nor insult anybody in any way. I am just a person who has experience with and have struggled with being weak willed, and I want to share my experiences and lessons learned with people who may also struggle with such issues. In the past, I have sought mental health care and I do believe in the great value in bettering each of our mental health state but in different ways for different people. I believe we should all seek therapy and if our society was more open about mental health and healing emotionally we would be a much more mentally balanced and happier society.

I have been diagnosed with depression by a psychologist in the past, but do not believe I actually suffered from the disease. I have also been so belittled by a healthcare professional while I was in a very fragile state that I was made to believe I would not succeed without taking medication. I believe both of these “diagnoses” were made in error and that is why I want to start a conversation with those of you who may also be weak willed on how we can become stronger willed and stop being pushed around, bullied, and coerced by ourselves and others either intentionally or unintentionally. 

Please see my Blog for more discussion about overcoming a weak will and unbinding the heart from fear. See the About page for my story and the goal for this site. 

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